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Gentrifying the Dharma: How the One Percent is Hijacking Mindfulness

The protesters looked anxious as they rode down the escalator in San Francisco’s Marriott Marquis. A yoga bag slung over one of their shoulders hid a banner reading “Eviction Free San Francisco.” Another had a bullhorn tucked into her backpack. Two reached out to touch an inflatable, neon-blue lotus as they walked toward the conference hall.

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The NSA and Climate Change Spying: What We Know So Far

THE carbon footprint for the new data center the National Security Agency (NSA) is building in the middle of the Utah desert must be massive. Despite its planned LEED Silver certification, the one-million-square-foot, $2-billion facility will draw 65 megawatts of power and use some 1.7 million gallons of water a day to cool its servers, according to Wired Magazine. When it comes to the NSA, however, many environmentalists have much bigger worries.

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What the NSA Leaks Proved About Surveillance

ON 5 June 2013, The Guardian revealed the first documents, culled from tens of thousands, about the United States’ and U.K.’s surveillance programs, leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. At the time, only a handful of people at The Guardian and The Washington Post had any idea how many more disclosures were to come.

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Timeline of School Shootings Since Sandy Hook

TODAY Joshua published an interactive timeline of every major U.S. K-12 school shooting since the Sandy Hook massacre at Al Jazeera America’s website. The timeline includes both incidents that were well-publicized and ones that were obscure.

The Future of Data Journalism

ON SATURDAY, October 25, Joshua gave a short talk on the future of data journalism at the 2013 Digital Media Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Here’s the transcript:

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Joshua a Consultant on CBS Religion Documentary

Joshua served as a consultant on Tibetan Buddhism for the newest CBS Religion and Culture documentary, “World Religions: Tibetan Buddhism, Christian Science, and Jainism,” which is online today.

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The Open Letter

Jordyn Bonds and Mike Gintz are not your stereotypical environmentalists. All skinny, tattooed arms and even skinnier cut-off jeans, they look more like they belong at a house show in Allston than at a Rainbow Gathering. But as we sat in the living room of my ancient Cambridgeville apartment, they spoke passionately about what may be the single biggest problems facing humanity: climate change.

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Yes, the Navy Yard Shooter Was a Buddhist

When I heard that Aaron Alexis, the man who killed twelve people and wounded fourteen others in a mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, was a Buddhist, I did not worry that someone would blame my religion for his terrible crime. That was ensured by Buddhism’s popular image as a peaceful, non-dogmatic science of the mind—an image bolstered by internationally known figures like the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hahn. Instead, I had the opposite concern: that people would say Alexis was not really a Buddhist.

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Timeline of Edward Snowden’s Revelations

Today Joshua published a massive, interactive timeline of every Edward Snowden leak to date on Al Jazeera America’s website. It has a summary every revelation alongside links to all the breaking articles and original documents. That’s almost 30 leaks spread across almost 65 articles at 10 different media outlets in 3 different languages.

Joshua will be updating the timeline continuously as new leaks are published.

What’s Really Happening in Bahrain: An Interview with Ala’a Shehabi

ALA’A SHEHABI is not a woman to be trifled with. Born in the U.K., she earned a Ph.D. from Imperial College London and has worked for prestigious institutions like Rand Europe and the Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance. At the same time, Shehabi has been active in Bahrain’s ongoing uprising.

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