Training and mentoring

Many of my investigations are based on data and documents obtained through public records requests. I’ve brought successful lawsuits against the FBI and the CIA under the Freedom of Information Act, and I usually have dozens of open records requests at a given time. I’ve led trainings on public records at NBC News, ThinkProgress, Boston University and American University.

Public records training

I’d love to train your organization on how to dig into public records. I offer two options. They’re designed for journalists, but many of the skills — especially around FOIA — will be relevant for other organizations:

How to get records with a FOIA request covers federal, state and local public records requests, tailored to your state. This training takes about one hour, and it costs $250. To book, click here.

How to get records without filing a FOIA covers other sources of public records — including federal and state courts, property records, advanced Google searches and much more. This training takes about one hour, and it costs $250. To book, click here.

Both options include a detailed (and ever-growing) cheat sheet. The FOIA option also includes a template for filing records requests. There’s no limit on how many people can attend.

If those prices are too steep for your organization, email me and we’ll figure out something that works.


I love mentoring up-and-coming reporters who want to talk about breaking into investigative reporting, freelancing, public records, religion reporting, reporting on federal agencies or other topics. To book a mentorship meeting with me, click here.