For general inquiries, email No PR pitches, please.

For tips, email, preferably from another ProtonMail account. (Sign up here.)

  • For maximum security, use the anonymous Tor web browser when setting up ProtonMail and using it.
  • Don’t email me from work or school — use a device you own, and do it from home or from an open wifi network, like a library or coffee shop.
  • Don’t put identifying info in your email address or the subject line.

You can also send me an encrypted message over the secure messaging app Signal at 202-684-1030. (Here are Android and iPhone instructions.)

The most secure way to send me paper documents is to mail them to Joshua Eaton, P.O. Box 34716, Washington, D.C. 20043.

  • Use a sidewalk postal box away from home or work. Don’t include a return address. If you must include your address, put it inside the envelope.
  • Be careful: Some organizations track which employees access certain documents. Many laser printers also mark documents with hard-to-see “tracking dots” that indicate when and where they were printed.