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Clinton, Tacking Left on Economic Issues, Tries to Fend Off Sanders Threat

The event room at the Puritan Backroom restaurant was overflowing with people, and all eyes were fixed on Hillary Clinton, who stood on a low stage at the front of the room, framed by a deep blue New Hampshire flag.

As she neared the end of her speech, she talked about her family history.

“My grandfather worked in the Scranton Lace Mills in Scranton, Pennsylvania,” she told the crowd, many of them from organized labor groups. “He always believed his hard work would pay off for his children, and it did. My father got to go to college.”

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Athens should turn from Confederate past

Earlier this month, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal quietly reclassified Confederate Memorial Day and Robert E. Lee’s birthday as unnamed state holidays on the official state calendar.

It was, at best, a half-step. Deal only made the move after a mass shooting by white supremacist Dylann Roof at a black church in Charleston, S.C., which has made public celebrations of the Confederacy untenable. And by keeping the holidays but renaming them, Deal assured no one would be happy.

For their part, Confederate apologists have responded with the same argument they always make — that memorializing the Confederacy is about taking pride in Southern heritage, not celebrating a system of chattel slavery and white supremacy.

The men who founded the Confederacy held no such illusions.

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Trump’s Women Supporters Pledge Allegiance: ‘We Need a Businessman’

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has drawn criticism from both Democrats and Republicans for his controversial remarks about women that many have dubbed sexist and demeaning.

But for college senior Kaffa Cote, all that comes second to jobs. That’s why she drove three hours from her internship at a lab in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, to see Trump speak at a rally on a recent Friday night.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, as long as you have a job,” Cote, 21, said after the rally, a stack of blue-and-red Trump yard signs in her hand. “I think that’s what the key issue is in this election. And I think he is the guy, of all of them, who can solve it — especially over Hillary [Clinton]. Especially over Hillary. I think she’s focused more on social issues, from what I see.”

Many women who support Trump echo that sentiment. At a recent Trump rally in New Hampshire, women there described him as a candidate who would create jobs and take a tough stance on foreign policy. While much of Trump’s media coverage has focused recently on his derogatory comments about women, those female voters said issues like jobs and health care have won him their support. Although he has gained notoriety for castigating a number of individuals and groups, his supporters don’t seem to mind.

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Marty Walsh Suggests A Bucket Of Ice Water, Donald Trump Parries With A Flame Thrower

The war of words between Mayor Marty Walsh and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump escalated Friday night.

During a press conference before a nighttime rally here in Hampton, N.H., Trump lit into Walsh after a reporter asked if he’d accept Walsh’s challenge to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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CIA Documents Raise Questions About Spy Agency’s Domestic Data Collection

For more than two years, Americans have been reeling from revelations about the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance programs. Now, newly release documents have raised questions about whether even more of Americans’ data could be in the CIA’s hands, too.

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