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Paris attacks stir global debate over online encryption

As French officials continue to track down those who planned and helped carry out Friday’s brutal attacks in Paris, the terrorist attacks are already sparking a heated debate about whether national security concerns should entitle governments to greater ability to track secret communications and break the encryption increasingly found on consumer devices.

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Why the Russian threat to undersea cables is overblown

It sounds like something from a Hollywood blockbuster – Russian submarines mapping the telephone and Internet cables under the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, ready to cut them at a moment’s notice and leave North America digitally stranded, cut off from the rest of the world.

But that’s exactly what unnamed Pentagon officials say they worry could be in the works, according to a New York Times article published last week.

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What Churches Learn When They Proclaim Black Lives Matter

In hindsight, the Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd says she probably should have expected someone to vandalize and steal the Black Lives Matter banner her congregation hung in front of its Bethesda, Maryland, building, despite the town’s liberal reputation.

“That we receive that kind of pushback in what is essentially a very politically and socially progressive area is telling to me,” says Ladd, senior minister of River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation (594 members). “There’s still tremendous work to do.”

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Snowden lashes out at US government for keeping drone program secret

National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden and one of the top lawyers for the U.S. Intelligence Community, Robert Litt, gave back-to-back speeches at an academic gathering on Friday that addressed major controversies over government surveillance, basic privacy protections and the freedom of information.

But the most revealing exchanges during their talks centered on new leaks about the U.S. drone program, made possible by an unknown whistleblower.

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Flooding the System: Climate Change Could Knock the Internet Offline

For two or three days, J. Patrick Brown wasn’t sure if his whole family had made it out of New Orleans safely. They had decided to stay behind when Hurricane Katrina hit, to care for an ailing relative. Stuck inside without television or Internet access, they relied on him to call them from his college in Maine with updates on what was happening in the city.

When the city’s levees broke, he finally persuaded them to get out as quickly as they could. Not long after, the cell towers went down, and they lost contact.

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