One of the Rigden Kings of the mythical Buddhist realm of Shambhala

One of the Rigden Kings of the mythical Buddhist realm of Shambhala

HERE IS a roundup of Buddhism and social justice news from 8 through 14 October 2012:

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  • Rare Footage Shows Extreme Measures of Tibetan Protesters – “In the remotest regions of China, inhabited by the country’s Tibetan minority, an appalling uprising is under way. In the past year more than 50 monks have died after setting themselves on fire to protest against government repression.”
  • Tibetan Prime Minster Hopes for Dialogue – “Lobsang Sangay—the prime minister of the Central Tibetan Administration—expressed his hope for a dialogue for peace between Tibet and China in a lecture on Tuesday in the Tsai Auditorium.”
  • Tibet Calls for Talks Amid Fiery Protests – “Despite continuing self-immolations, the prime minister of Tibet’s government-in-exile extended an olive branch to Beijing.”
  • Chinese Authorities Murder a Tibetan Man for Attempting Self-Immolation – “A Tibetan man has been reportedly murdered by Chinese security officials after they found out that he had attempted to set himself on fire in a protest against China’s continued occupation of Tibet.”
  • Buddhist Site Closely Watched – “Nepalese authorities have installed security cameras around Kathmandu’s world-famous Boudhanath Stupa, prompting fears among Tibetan refugees that they are being watched for “anti-China” activity, though officials insist the surveillance equipment has been set up only because of safety concerns.”
  • Tibetan Self-Immolates in Protest Against Chinese Rule – “An ethnic Tibetan man has died after setting himself on fire in a protest against Chinese rule. VOA’s Tibetan service is reporting that Tamdrin Dorjee killed himself near the Tsoe monastery in northwest China’s Gansu province.”
  • Five Monks Held in Brutal Chinese Crackdown on Tibetan Monastery – “Local sources were reported to speculate that the monastery was targeted for playing a leading role in preserving and teaching Tibetan language, culture, and Buddhism in the area. The troops were said to have searched the residences of the five monks and taken away some computers and CDs.”


  • Thein Sein Tipped For Nobel Peace Prize – “President Thein Sein has been tipped as a frontrunner in this year’s Nobel peace prize award, days after denying army abuses in Burma’s conflict torn Kachin state.”
  • Aung San Suu Kyi Eyes Burmese Presidency – “Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi declared her willingness on Monday to serve as president, and her party’s intention to amend the constitution to allow her to do so.”
  • Burmese Monks March on Bangladeshi Consulate – “Anger over violence targeting the Buddhist community in Bangladesh is becoming an issue again in neighboring Burma. About 400 maroon-robed monks marched through the streets of Sittwe to protest in front of the Bangladeshi consulate in Burma’s Rakhine state. Police officials say another 1,000 people watched.”
  • Burma to Lose Debt Hurdle – “In a meeting in Japan yesterday, Burma’s biggest creditors – the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank – discussed plans with the host nation to waive almost $1 billion in overdue loans.”
  • Burmese Gov’t Troops Death Rate High: KIA – “A total of 211 government soldiers have been killed and 36 injured over the past two months during heavy fighting in the Hpakant jade mining district of western Kachin State.”
  • Anti-OIC Protests Spread – “Demonstrations against the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation spread to the country’s second-largest city on Friday, as thousands of Buddhist monks and laypeople in Mandalay marched to protest the group’s plans to open an office in the former capital Rangoon.”

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